Sapanca Activities

Yanık Village Summer Festival

Yanıkköy Festivali

With the support of Sapanca Municipality, Sapanca District Governorship and Kocaeli Caucasia Culture Association; Contemporary Yanık Village Development, Advertisement and Protection Association and Yanık Neighborhood Administration organize a festival on the second week of June every year with the start of summer. Stands are place on the village square. Home made products are placed and sold on these stands.

The main objective of the festival is to promote Yanık Village and Sapanca, to gather people together, to create an exchange area, to transfer cultural values to new generations, to create a feeling of unity, to improve friendships, to enable people from different regions to get to know each other and socialize, to transfer the feeling of belonging to the young, to market the products produced by women and to lead the way to a self-sustainable economy in the region.

The festivals especially host guests from Sapanca, neighboring cities and districts, especially from Sakarya, Kocaeli, Eskişehir and Istanbul together with people from Black Sea region and Caucasians.

During the festivals, participants have the chance to watch and enjoy folkloric dances, Circassian folkloric dances, bag and egg race of the children, playing areas for the children, music performances, taking photos with traditional clothing and participating the wedding circle mounted towards the evening and continuing until midnight.