Horse Rider in Sapanca

Horse Rider in Sapanca

Go to Sapanca where thousand shades of green, orange and blue meet in the same frame and feel the freedom with horse safaris in the mountain ways. In the mysterious paths of Sapanca Forests, you can join a horse safari for hours or on a daily tour with guides.

Riding pony horses which is suitable for their length is the best way to teach children how to ride horse.

You can watch enjoyable competitions in competition Hippodrome prepared by TJK and SAYDER and be part of the excitement. We wait for you Sapanca if you want to experience the freedom of horse safari.

Horse riding is the skill of riding a horse. Horse riding sport is the ability to ride a horse; it consists of using the horse calmly, safely, on time and on place by using sufficient amount of power. The history of horse riding is very old. The cavalries who used to ride horse perfectly in the wars made their names in the history of horse riding. Today horse riding for military purposes has regressed and it became a sports activity.