Paragliding in Sapanca

Paragliding in Sapanca

Would you like to join an exciting activity in the magic of nature? If you are complaining from the same and boring weekends, you wish to get rid of the monotonous rhythm of the week days; you will not say “no” to an activity that makes you fly in the sky and refresh you.

Although paragliding is thought to be a dangerous sport, when people obey the rules and take a serious training, the danger can be minimized.

With the freedom feeling and high adrenaline of paragliding, you will fill yourself with life energy and feel ready for life again.

Paragliding equipment is the lightest among the very light air vehicles. Since it is easy to carry it, take-off can be made from hills without roads. It does not need a special rise take-off and landing area. It can stay in the air for hours with natural escalating forces, reach till the clouds and go for very long distances. It is the most common and rapidly developing aviation sport. Since its parachute is very small and light, and can be put in a backpack, some climbers use it to go down from the mountain summits.