Jeep Safari in Sapanca

Jeep Safari in Sapanca

The best option to have a wonderful day in Sapanca in routes within pine forests, thyme odors and thousands of flowers is jeep safari. It is possible to do jeep safari in every season and under any weather condition; you can have a wonderful day, full of adrenaline and joy in jeep safari tours. You can give a break in Soğucak Highland in the summit of Sapanca, have a walk and take photos to make this experience eternal. Shortly, in order to have the most unforgettable day of your life, join this adventure. “If you are looking for yourself, turn your side to the mountains, close your eyes in the mountains and see with your ears. Listen to the whispers of the trees and sounds of the insects. Come to Samanlı Mountains in the heart of the nature and be ready to diverge from the main road for the discovery journey!”

You will experience adrenaline and driving adventure with 4x4 jeeps during this tour.

What can human discover in short time? Along the journey, yourself, your culture, the things you’ve forgotten and maybe only the joy of discovering. The only thing that you need to do is to come to Sapanca and visit Sapanca Off Road Association; here, you will enjoy the routes which are hard but full of adventure! By means of jeep safari adventure you will isolate yourself from your current ambiance for a short time and have the chance of doing activities of nature, history, culture, lake, camp and walking.

Jeep Safari; these are tours that are made with roadster 4x4 land jeeps and Unimogs having a capacity of 4, 6 or 8 people; these tours are made for discovering beautiful Toros Mountains, experiencing an adventure in the dusty rises and falls of the routes, integrating with nature and resting both the eyes and the soul in places far from the asphalt roads and crowded, around the pine trees, blue sky and purple mountains.