Introduction Sapanca

Air And People

Hava İnsan ve Çevresi

Air... It hugs us the moment we are born. Every creature can live without bread or water for some time but they cannot live without air even a few minutes. It has a part from the soul that the creator blow into our body. The most spiritual element among the elements of life. It seem like it does not exist but it is always there. Our inside and out is air. We do not see it, we realize its presence with its actions. The grass waves, the trees shakes, the clouds travel in the sky, the sailboats sail, the waves are shaped and the earth is filled with every kind of sounds. Thus, though we don’t see it, we feel it. It whispers the melody of thousands of years. A melody of four billion years. If the air did not exist, would the music, the inseparable part of our life, be?

Philosophers have searched its essence throughout history. People have always wondered the mystery of the blue sky and the eternal depth behind it. Mathematician Pascal who lived in the 17th century was one of the scientist to make it a topic of science. Then many scientists tried to measure, understand and calculate this vital element. They formulated principles. But don’t you think that the biggest mysteries of the universe still persist?