Introduction Sapanca

Water, Soul and there Energy

Su Ruh ve Enerji

Water... The essence of life... It is the source of all lives. Firstly, the created. Without whom nothing can exist. When the creator created human from mud, there was water together with soil. When soil is mixed with water, mud is created. Namely, the eternal essence of human beings. Then the creator gave it a soul and created humans. All the things that exist and will exist shall be from water. And every human falls in to the venter as a water drop and continue its life in that drop and with the soul and energy that it takes from it.

The water that gives life to human beings becomes spring when it spurts from the earth, becomes, river, lake and sea; when it fall down on the soil, it becomes tree, when it falls down on the farm, it become wheat, the same water rotates the watermill and creates the bread, again the same water goes.