Trekking in Sapanca

Trekking in Sapanca

The trekking starts early in the morning before the town wakes up and you experience the beauty of nature till the evening by walking without stress, filling your lungs with fresh air and enjoy the silence and peace of nature, and return home with a nice tiredness.

The experts state that nature walks have positive effects on body and soul health.

It has been long time since the last time we become peaceful without listening any voice, hasn’t it? Then, we invite you to the hands of nature in Sapanca. We will take you to a journey full of adventure in the very heart of nature, to Soğucak Highland in the routes of Çatalkaya and İstanbuldere.

Trekking is a mild tempo sport aimed at reaching one point in nature. It can be made in every season; however, it should be made with necessary preparations depending on the weather and environment conditions, length and hardship level. Trekking routes can last for a few hours and there are also routes that last for a few weeks as well as one month. .
Trekking begin as an individual or friend group activity to be in nature and experience the beauty of nature but today, it is gaining an economic dimension as an alternative tourism type and growing. .