Rafting in Sapanca

Rafting in Sapanca

Would you like to join an exciting activity in the magic of nature? If you are complaining from the same and boring weekends, you wish to get rid of the monotonous rhythm of the week days. You imagine yourself jumping into cool waters and try to get rid of the negative energy; you will not object to an unforgettable activity where happy screams are mixed with the sound of fast flowing river water.

Rafting is a sport that is part of Federation of Developing Sport Branches.

Then, if you are ready, we present you a wonderful offer to make you forget all your tiredness and stress and take you to the summit of adrenaline! Leave all the complexity of the city for the rafting tour and submit yourself to the nature and to the waves of Melen River. Join this excitement by a journey of 30 minutes from Sapanca.

Rafting is a river sport practiced on a boat called raft in fast flowing rivers. The main aim of rafting is to pass around the rocks and obstacles without overthrowing the raft. Rafting is practiced with teams of 6 and 8 people and you need to move like a single body in order to be successful. This sport is divided into six categories based on the difficulty.