Introduction Sapanca

Fire, Today and Future

Ateş Bugün ve Gelecek

Fire... The element of passion. Fire is the language of love and joy. We describe every exciting thing with heat, fire and sparkle. The poems are full of fervent lines. The novels are like heroic stories of passionate loves. Water, soil and air constitute the safe harbor surrounding human beings. And the fire is a journey to the unknown from this harbor. It is research, imagination and discovery. Important inventions, great developments, legendary events, big conquests are all due to this fire. In one sense, fire has always been the gate to future.

Fire is the most mysterious element among the four elements of nature. Scientists struggled for hundreds of years to understand what it is. They tried to know, understand and control it. They realized that without the contribution of fire, nothing can take its final form. All the inventions that surprised us, all the new and complex technologies are made with the help of the fire. In fact, the long story of human beings is the story of fire.