ATV Safari in Sapanca

ATV Safari in Sapanca

In our ATV Safari organizations in Yanık Village in Sapanca, you can have moments of adventure and adrenaline in wonderful natural routes. Sapanca Outdoor have been offering you routes that are convenient for drive in 4 seasons and have muddy, rugged, water and river passages. From the mountains to the lake, through passages from fields and forests covered with pine and tamarisk trees; here you will feel the joy of trophy and excitement.

The firms organizing ATV safaris let adventure lovers have a stress-free day in nature and they can use ATV vehicles in these activities.

You will eternalize these beautiful moments with videos and photos and you will add them to your archive and when you watch these again after long time, you will feel this joy and adventure again.

ATV motors are designed to work under any ground and air condition; there are models with 3 and 6 wheels but mostly 4 wheeled ones are preferred; they can be for one person or two people, they work with internal combustion engine. At first ATVs were designed in order to endure to hard field conditions but then they became convenient to be used for nice nature trips and domestic transportation.